There are only opportunities, get them!

There are only opportunities, get them!

THIS is the first blog post I write, if I look back at the past 2 months there has happened so much that I can almost write a book. Some key words of my last two months are working hard, finally enjoying the Danish summer, starting in a new position in Vero Moda and moving back home.

August last year I started working as an IBT for Vero Moda buying in Aarhus. I learned a lot about the Danish working culture and working as a buyer for Vero Moda. In the spring of this year it was time for some changes. I got the chance to change my position to be in Vero Moda sales. I always had the feeling that sales might be the best choice for me, but I always chose ´safely´ for the buying department. It is amazing how open Bestseller is in making changes to continue your personal development.

New jobfashion-days

This said, I was busy with getting into my new job the last two months. I started in Vero Moda Sales Denmark in August. We had a lot going on with the new collection. My first days were all about discussing and seeing the new collections together with the country sales manager from the Netherlands and my Danish colleagues. The collection was full of bright colours and nice prints, because it was the first spring collection for 2017. Yes, in fashion we are always ahead. With the nice weather outside the office as well, we all got a real summer feeling. We made a nice selection and at the end of the sales period we also found out that we made a fantastic index, which was a great start for me.

For the customers in all countries Vero Moda always makes sure there are some nice events during the year. This time there was a big event planned in September which was called Fashion Days. These three days all brands from Bestseller invite customers from all over the world to come to Denmark for this event. It´s a fantastic opportunity to show our nice offices in Aarhus and Brande to the customers and of course to sell to them some special designed Fashion Days collection. For me personally this was the first time I had the change to sell to our Dutch customers. It was a great feeling to present the collection and to see the reaction of the customers directly.

Summer in Denmarkbeach-day

Then of course something amazing happened, the summer finally came to Denmark! This made the last two months very nice for me. I had a lot of nice things to do with my international friends. We had some small festivals, drinks at beach bars, enjoyed walking around the city and biked a lot outside the city to find some nice beaches.

As an IBT you are a part of a team including 20 people, they are kind of your new family. This team starts all at the same time and it´s really nice to have these people to hang out with and to explore together the Danish culture. The first year of your trainee ship you have the change to be a lot together, because you all live and work in the same country. After this year everyone will go their way to a new country. For me the next country was not so new, because it´s the Netherlanders were I am from. But this do not makes it less interesting or exiting! It´s still a new team and a new working experience which I really look forward to get to know even better.

Keep posted to see or read more about my new adventures in the Netherlands!

Leide Vennegoor



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