Blog # 1

Blog # 1

It’s dark, its raining and to be honest it is a bit cold right now. While I wait for my train to arrive, I have decided to write my first blog to share my experience as an International Business Trainee at Bestseller.

The fact that you are here and reading this means that you have already found out about the company, and interested for this programme. Therefore, my readers, and future potential colleagues let me share my story with you.

Before I start telling my story, I would like to introduce myself to you.

HI!  My name is Farhan Ali and I am from Pakistan. I am one of the International Business Trainees at Bestseller and working for Name it as NOOS planner. I have done my Bachelors in business administration and masters in Fashion Management. Before becoming an IBT, I was working as an analyst for a Telecom company. While reading the above text you might ask, that why did I change my career.

Well let me ask you this. Do you like fashion? Nay, do you have passion for fashion  ?

Do you want every day filled with new challenges? Do you like to inspire and be inspired?

Do you like to travel? Do you like to work in an international company? And do you like cake?

If your answer is yes then this is then I suggest that you should definitely apply.

Moving to another country is not easy; there are always thousands of questions in your mind when you leave your comfort zone. Honestly, I am not going to say it is not hard as it sounds. Leaving the comfort of your family and your loved ones, and coming to a completely new country always has its challenges. However, at the same time, these challenges come with many new adventures. You always have to analyze the pros and cons, coming out of your bubble takes courage, but believe me once you’re are out of that bubble you will experience a whole new world.

While moving to another country it is very important to come with an open mind set and with a lot of curiosity. Because if you are curious to learn about different cultures and absorb the information then you can grow, otherwise coming to completely new place with a closed mindset will bring nothing but disappointment.

For me, becoming a part of the International Business trainee was a dream come true. I got a chance to meet diverse group of people from different cultures, country, ethnicity, educational background. It is with this diverse set of people where you learn new thing from each other. The best thing about the IBT programme is that it has people from different backgrounds and they put you in one place, where you share knowledge and enhance your thinking horizon. Every day, at work I get new challenges and that is why I love what I do. No single day is the same, every day brings a new challenge, and you go home with the satisfaction of achieving something and learning something new. The freedom you get at your work here is amazing, and for such a big company their attitude is so humble, which is very inspiring.

Other than work, life as an IBT is fun. Either you get to live in Brande or Aarhus (Denmark) in your first destination, then you will be stationed in different countries, which is based on the brand and specialized field you are working for. We have many internationals working in Bestseller too, with whom you can go out and have fun alongside your IBT friends and you’re  Danish Friends. Since the hierarchy of the company is flat, it makes it very much easy to interact with colleagues even from different brands. We have a lot of dinners and parties with the IBT’s and employees at the same time. On the top of it we have different events hosted by Bestseller, and the brands at the same time. In short, the programme is not all about work, the main purpose is they want you to grow as an individual. We have an awesome HR team; they take care of everything for you. Once you are selected, they make sure everything is ready for you, from your visa to your housing. In a way, I can say that they spoil you, and make sure you have everything you need.

I think I have come to an end to my first part of the blog, but will keep updating regarding the different projects we get to do during our second stationing, and before leaving I will leave you with some of my IBTS family pictures.

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