Be International, literally!

Be International, literally!

It’s almost lunch time here in Amsterdam, while our trainees in China are almost ready for enjoying the weekend. Hector and Mikhail in Malaga will have a late lunch I guess with the Spanish meal schedule. And Elisabete in Montevideo may be on her way now to the office to start the last working day of the week.

So this is us, the International Business Trainees, and we are international!

IBT 2015 team has 17 trainees from 9 different countries. And we also experience BESTSELLER internationally. We traveled to Germany last year and stayed in one of our retail stores to get an understanding of our retail business. And earlier this year, the whole team traveled to China to visit our local sourcing office and meet our suppliers to get to know more about production and products. It’s such a privilege we got to get the knowledge “on-site”, but also such a unique chance for everyone to experience the cultures and diversities of the company. And now, most of trainees are stationing abroad, as of now we have 13 trainee stationing in 8 countries across 3 continents. So our international experience continues.

I have been living in Amsterdam for 3 months as of now. Our E-Commerce office here is quite different from our offices in Denmark. We have an even more international team here, 135 colleagues from 20+ countries, and the work pace is also a lot faster.


Our E-Commerce Team 


With the last year working closely with our retail business, I gained a great understanding of the retail business model and developed analytical tools that business needs. Here in E-Commerce, everything is sort of similar to retail at a glance. But when you take a close look, the business online is a whole different world. I learnt new KPIs, new data dimension, new products flow and many other new things, which is really useful for me.

Besides work, Amsterdam would never be a boring city to anyone. Get a drink with your fellow colleagues, take a bite of the “Bitterballen”, sit on a boat and experience the canals; I am really enjoying myself here and can’t wait to explore more of Amsterdam.


E-Commerce office in Amsterdam at a glance


Enjoy “Bitterballen” with Leide

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