creative journey #1

creative journey #1


To introduce myself: I am Lea from Germany, started as an international Business trainee in BESTSELLER last year 2015. I have studied fashion design in Berlin and have worked for several small brands and did internships in Sales and Design. In between I have also worked one year as a store manager in Berlin.

Fashion and the whole industry has ever been my passion and during my studies I have found my way to Menswear Design. Now I am working in Premium by Jack&Jones as a Designer with the main focus on Knitwear and because I am part of the Trainee program in BESTSELLER I have an insight in many different parts of the company as well and there are plenty of doors open for me to get a better understanding of the whole business.

Since the end of august this year I am at my second destination and working from our BESTSELLER office in Shanghai where I will stay for three months in total. Shanghai is an amazing and inspiring city with a good vibe that is really interesting for me as a designer. I have the chance to work very close with our suppliers from here and to support my colleagues in the office with creative input and new developments. I am still working very close together with my team in Denmark and do the collection from here while I am having a close cooperation with my buyers sitting in the office in Brande.


As a designer I am working a lot by the computer, doing sketches and making trend forecasts or creating style overviews with programs like illustrator, Indesign and so on.

But what I really love is working with different qualities, fabrics and colours and to go out to find inspiration. I just came back from a trip to Hong Kong where I worked together with one of our suppliers on new developments and comments for the actual collection. There I had the chance to spend a few hours at the fabric and trim market to get some input, finding new prints, qualities, structures and trims. A lot of the qualities that I have found I can now use as inspiration for developments together with the suppliers for our future collections. Otherwise I have collected a lot of color- and mélange swatches. I am always looking for new colour inputs because there are so many different shades and mélanges. From my selection of colours, I can always provide something new if we are looking for some newness for instance for our express collections.


But not only the fabric markets and the very nice environment in our office here in Shanghai makes it so cool for me to stay here. To live in China, in a completely different culture where almost no one speaks English and a lot of things are so different compared to my home country or Denmark, is a great challenge and an amazing opportunity. So far I have learned a lot about myself and gained new knowledge in my profession. Meeting new BESTSELLER colleagues and suppliers and working together with Chinese people who are quite different to work with compared to Danish people makes every day so new and interesting. I have learned a lot about the Chinese culture and I like to talk about different work behaviours and habits with my colleagues here during lunch break.


For sure being far away from home, from family and friends is a challenge every day but when I decided to move to Denmark last year and to live in a different country than my home country a completely new, awesome life started. I have met the most amazing people and new friends especially within our group of IBT’s that are now like family to me and I am already looking forward to see them all soon back in Denmark!


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