Seven months ago I was sitting in this room, surrounded by other thirty-six candidates from twenty-two nationalities, as a last step to prove our strengths in order to get one place in the IBT program, over one thousand and two hundred applicants. Numbers. People. Goals. This week I sat in the same room for the first time after these months, to see how my colleagues presented the second collection since I started in the team.

I am a Spanish girl full of energy, goals and the type of person to not have many fears, but even less now that the girl who exactly one year ago was applying for this program as a recommendation from someone I know. Since my university days I knew I wanted to take part in one of the business programs that global corporations have created to develop young talents. I always found the fashion industry really interesting and after living in five different countries across three continents, I thought the word “International” had a great fit with me as a person, so I thought this program was perfect for me. After three months here, I can honestly say that I think it has been one of the best choices I have ever made.

Having worked across very different industries, it amazes me how exciting the world of fashion can be, as something really new for me. It has to be said that since I started in September, my daily life has been filled with plenty of challenges, and I cannot be happier with that. The brand in which I work in the sales department is Mamalicious, and for those who don’t know it (yet), we create and sell maternity and nursing fashion. My use of the term we stems from the fact that from the very first day this small team has treated me as part of the family. The main advantage of being in a team of this size it is that you are able to learn the whole process as we are all sat in the same room, everyone from designers and buyers, to sales and management. Additionally, it allows you to be given or take part in very diverse tasks, such as my routine currently incorporates being responsible for the B2B platform so as to analyze our key customers, as well as forecast our NOOS styles (Never out of stock). And this is just some of the projects that I am currently involved in.

Finally, this experience is not only allowing me to grow professionally, but also personally, which is something that I find to be extremely valuable. Through all the experiences which we are living throughout this program and sometimes out of it, I am getting to know myself better than I ever have and allow me to gain a better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses. Also, these experiences are pushing me towards what you can call as a bit of a cultural shock, despite having thought that my mentality was rather close to the Danes. However, in the end, these differences are the ones which open your mind and lets you grow. So, let’s keep growing!

I will write here my journey in this adventure. I hope you can enjoy reading it as I do writing it 🙂

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  1. Daniela Silva says:

    Hello, is it still possible for me to apply for the International Business Trainee program? The point is that in the link the blog gives there is no place where I can insert my aplication. Thank you.

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