Going Home

Going Home

It is 19:23, I am sitting in the airport of Copenhagen, drinking coffee. I am enjoying a company of a sweet German girl, Kirsten. We started the program together and we both live in Aarhus, Denmark. I didn’t know anything about her 122 days ago, but now I get this sad feeling while saying goodbye to her. How stupid is this? – I think – I am going to see her again in 9 days.

Earlier today I said goodbye and Merry Christmas around 24 times. Let me just tell you, I don’t particularly like goodbyes and that is why I thought the one I had 122 days ago would be the hardest ever. Back then I was in another airport – the airport of Vilnius. (There is something special about all the airports, harbors, bus and train stations in the world – they are always filled with the most beautiful and real emotions you can witness). I was giving my goodbye hugs to mom and dad, promising to come back every month. They were extremely happy for me but the only things I could feel were sadness and fear. What if I don’t find any friends from the group of IBTs? What if I spend my evenings after work alone dreaming of home? What if this program is not for me? And a hundred more of what ifs.

You know, I never came back home once a month, twice a month or even less. The people I met here changed the way I perceive home. This Christmas a big part of my mind and heart will be in many different places of the world – starting with Canada and finishing with Albania.

And that is the thing with this program and probably with most of international programs – you start looking for them to become professional in your field but you end up building strong friendships and learning once more that the things that really matter are people. And for this I can already say joining this program was the greatest decision – there are 22 months ahead of me in this program and I cannot wait to spend it with those amazing people by my side.

I guess they are already boarding people on the plane… Mom, dad, I am coming back home!


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