Outside the office walls

Outside the office walls

Three months ago I started working in (Visual) Merchandising for VERO MODA in Aarhus. Since then I learned about guidelines, wall-, basic- and category-templates and the look of a VERO MODA store in theory. I was ready to go out and see what is happening outside of the office walls.

5 days, 7 different cities and 5 store visits lay ahead of me and the two merchandisers, who are responsible for the German market.

Aarhus – Billund – Frankfurt – Nuremberg – Passau – Regensburg – Munich – Nuremberg – Billund – Aarhus

Within these days we remerchandised two stores to create an impactful and inspiring shopping environment for our customers. Along with this, we visited three more VERO MODA shops to see their challenges and their way of merchandising.

For me being out in the stores was eye-opening. With a lack of sleep and dark circles around the eyes I look back to a great time in Germany. I gained great insights in merchandising and learned a lot from the store staff about their daily challenges and wishes.

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