They say nothing is more important than family

They say nothing is more important than family

Seeing as we’ve entered the holiday season, and the Christmas spirit is dawning upon most of us, I felt like a little piece on our IBT group would be appropriate 🙂

Despite only having been part of the programme for the better part of 3 months, I think one of the key experiences surrounding the BESTSELLER IBT programme has been to experience how close we’ve all managed to become in such a short space of time. As different as we all are, rather evident given the fact that 22 people represent around 15 different countries, we’ve managed to come together around the fact that despite all of us coming from very different corners of the world, we all have something valuable to contribute with and we’re all going through some of the same ups & downs!  The fact that we all have such different backgrounds has allowed us all to respond positively to differences and forced us to become more understanding towards each other, which essentially has brought us all getting closer together than I think a lot of would’ve thought before starting the programme.

I think that my fellow IBT’s and I can also agree on the fact that BESTSELLER has been extremely great at enabling this establishment of a positive “group feeling” by sending us on different trips together (we’ve already been to Germany and we’ll be going to the Far east in a few months), as well as allowing us to organize parties and provide travel options for the groups of us that live in different cities. Albeit perhaps being “small” things in some people’s eyes, this has undoubtedly done a difference for us all and has allowed for some great moments together as depicted in the attached pictures. They say that a picture says more than a thousand words, but I would say that a feeling cannot be captured in a picture; it simply has to be experienced. And this programme has thus far truly allowed me to get a feeling that the rest of the IBT’s are part of my family.

// Shane




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