Hi guys!! Now, quite a big silence in the apartment, almost everyone left for Christmas and New Year holiday and I’m preparing my luggage and emptying my apartment to leave for my destination to Beijing, China finally.



I’m quite excited for my new challenge with a lot butterflies in my stomach, it’s also quite sad though to leave after having an amazing more than one year in Denmark with my lovely roomie Dominika, amazing IBT friends and colleagues besides friends from outside of work. But I also know that the journey will continue as beautiful as right now in China as well. Knowing that will have amazing both self and work development in China makes me even eager and impatient  to go there as soon as possible.


Before coming to Denmark for IBT program, I was working in Bestseller Turkey Office where I worked really close to the suppliers and learned a lot about the production and developing newness together with suppliers. Mainly I worked with jersey, woven and knitwear in Turkey and currently I’m working in Knit and outerwear department. Outerwear was a new baby for me and I learned a lot about it here. Now it is time to discover deeply the production and sourcing in China. I’m also so excited to work with my suppliers even closer and see their capabilities even more and keep building a good relationship with them. I believe that it will be pretty nice experience for me to learn about China more after knowing the production in Turkey so that I can make the comparison more in between which will contribute a lot to my experience in future and I will have better idea what to do with these two countries. Such a good opportunity to be able to go to destination and get the chance of developing yourself with learning by doing attitude…

Besides all these, I have met with amazing people and new friends and together with them we became like a family and had the most wonderful times. We became really close even in such a short period at the beginning. Experiencing all different cultures, traditions was so valuable to share with each other and add some more new speciality to each other. Being together always in our good and bad times, supporting us in every conditions was also one of the amazing feeling we have got together in this period.


Now really looking forward to be together with them again in our new school period at the end of January in Denmark and afterwards continue to my journey in China again!!

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  1. Shruti Bajpai says:

    You are soo fortunate to be a part of IBT, inspired by your post. Good luck for yout trip to China.

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