Design diaries nr.1

Design diaries nr.1

3rd or January, my first workday of the year . Crazy to think that a year ago, probably around this time, I was super stressed about submitting the perfect application to this program. I was trying to come up with THE IDEA for the introduction video, desperately browsing through my works to show the most relevant portfolio, and write a passionate, yet professional, motivation letter to convince BESTSELLER that they need me.

So the fact, that by this day I have already completed four months of this exciting program seems surreal in a way. It went so fast! I was thinking this morning that the first samples of the collection, which I designed should arrive any days from our suppliers. Do you know how exciting it is to hold the product in your hand for the first time which not so long ago was only a 2d sketch on the screen?
Before the Christmas holidays we were very busy in the design department at ONLY PLAY. We prepared the first collection for 2018 and for a few weeks all we did was sketching, sketching and sketching. I literally dreamt with Illustrator and fabric swatches one night. We all contributed some extra hours of our time to deliver a couple hundred design ideas over a few weeks. Yes, it requires dedication and passion for your profession. Being a part of a small brand and team can be beneficial for one type of person and stressful for another one. For me, it is motivating to have a big responsibility on my shoulder and be treated as an important and valuable part of the team. Luckily as an IBT I am really valued here for my skills and even have the chance to challenge my colleagues with new ideas. No one who applies for the program should expect for it to just be a walk in the park all the time. But that’s not why we have started this, right? 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your day!


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