Hit The Ground Running!

Hit The Ground Running!

Happy New Year Everyone!

I am NaKena Cromartie! Just in case this introduction was missed, 2016 IBT Blogger’s Introductions.

…”Are you ready?!”… With so many thoughts about coming from America (Florida), switching career pathways (Accounting to Fashion Buying), and adapting to a new environment/culture (in and out of work) — the reality of making it through the IBT tryout (June 2016), enjoying shared moments with 21 other fellows during school period one (September 2016), and adjusting to three- months of “learning by doing” work experience (October to December 2016) has finally set in! I hit the ground running with asking questions, learning daily Buyer tasks (i.e. creating style cards, assortments, sample orders, etc.), and adjusting to communicating with our Design team and external Suppliers.

As a member of the Buying Jersey Team for SELECTED HOMME, I have the privilege of living in this cute, little, and intimate city of 7,000 people called Brande, Denmark. One of the first things I thought about once arriving here were, 1. What will my daily work experience be like?; 2. What will I eat while I’m here? ( I am really a foodie* at heart!); 3. What other things can I do in this city/country?  My blog post will provide insight from these areas over time.

First thing first, my daily work experience begins with cycling!  Although there are a few options to navigate the city– walking (Price: Free), bus (Price: Free – provides a ride to work, but not from work to home), or bicycle (Price: It Depends), I would highly recommend getting a bicycle to get a round this small city!  For the first couple of weeks, I decided to walk the 20 minutes or so to and from work daily to get there. N.Cromartie2 -GraceHowever, after deciding that I wanted to decrease my commute time to/from work to 8 minutes/per way, I began my search.  I then discovered DBA, which is site where you can buy/sell cheaper quality items.  I was able to find a local seller and a good price for a secondhand bicycle in BRANDE!!! I made my first major purchase (500 Kroner, which is about $70) for this beauty! Say hello to “Grace!”  Grace helps to get me around town– to/from work, grocery stores, library, gym, site-seeing, etc. 🙂

Coming from the States, where we predominately use an automobile to get from place to place, the bicycle experience is very different for me. I now have to be aware of riding with traffic (in the bicycle lane), weather conditions (ahh man, those rainy days!) and using my hands to signal my direction. GREAT TIMES to say the least!  It’s another active way to get in your daily exercise and to relax your mind. 🙂 Healthy body, healthy mind!

There will be more to come, but feel free to reach out if you have any questions, thoughts, or just want to hear more specifics!

*Foodie – a person with a particular interest in food.



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4 responses to “Hit The Ground Running!”

  1. Mahmudul Hasan says:

    Hi NaKena,How is it going? I’m Mahmudul Hasan from Bangladesh. It’s my keen interest to join as a IBT with Bestseller. Can u pls give me some tips/advice that will help me to achieve my goal. And if possible plz give me ur mail/fb id please? I will b greatful!!!! My mail id-mahmudbrz11@gmail.com.

    • Nakena Cromartie says:

      Hi Mahmudul, everything is going well. First, thank you for your interest in BESTSELLER’s International Business Trainee (IBT) program, and being my first responder!

      When applying, here’s the link: BESTSELLER – International Business Trainee 2017
      1. Be You. Know and believe that all your credentials, work experiences, and most importantly, personality is enough to add value to this dynamic opportunity.
      2. Be Intentional. Be clear about your intent and motivation for wanting to join such a global/ creative work culture and environment.
      3. Be Passionate. Allow your motivational letter to set the tone for who you are, what you value, and how your values will add value to BESTSELLER. This will allow the readers to gain personally and professionally insight about you.

      I hope these tips help you and everyone else! Cheers!

  2. Dia says:

    Hey Nakena!

    I am Dia, and also interested in joining the IBT family in 2017 🙂 It will be great to read about your experience in new posts!

    Best, D

    • Nakena Cromartie says:

      Hi Dia!

      Thank you for your response. Per your request, I have added a new blog post called, Even The Best Can Be Better. I hope this provides some insight on topics discussed on a Team Day within the SELECTED brand.



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