Dear future IBTs,

I know January is a peek time for IBT applications and many of you wonder how you should approach this challenge. I have a crystal clear picture in my head about how I felt last year around this time. So I decided to share a few tips that probably also help you understand the program and BESTSELLER more.
Don’t expect it to be a magical solution, these are just a few things based on my past few months here. (+ I know the beginners’ job application struggle way to well…)

1.  Know your strengths, your weaknesses, your opportunities and how to achieve improvement. (This tool will be crucial to use anyway during your IBT studies.)  Make sure you show BESTSELLER what is your biggest advantage? How do you plan to turn your weakness around? How will you develop yourself if you get into this program? What have you already done to become the person who you are today?

2. Be yourself – I mean the best version of yourself. You need to highlight your unique personality in your application. Are you a super structured responsible person, or more like the always smiley energy bomb? BESTSELLER wants all different personality types in the program. No department or team is the same, and they might be just looking exactly for you as a perfect match!

3. Prove them that an international experience is important for you. Have you travelled a lot already? Did you participate in exchange programs or attended international schools, courses? Maybe you just always loved learning languages, or browsed the world atlas in your free time dreaming about exploring the world. Tell them why are you hungry for this experience?

4.Know your own culture: what value does it bring to the organisation? There can be so many different reasons. If your country is a leader in producing textile goods, imagine how much extra knowledge you may already have! Or do you come from one of the potential  end consumer’s countries? Share your opinion about what your people need from a company like BESTSELLER. All your cultural values and differences will make the IBT team and BESTSELLER stronger. So know what those are. Most importantly: be curious of Denmark’s culture too!

5. Make sure your CV, motivation letter, introduction video, and portfolio shows different sides of you. This is your chance to paint as big of a picture as you can before they select from a 1000 applications. You don’t want to list the places you worked at in chronological order twice. If you mention something, it should have a reason. What experience have you gained there that is relevant to the job you’re applying for? Are you showing the skills that BESTSELLER is looking for?

6. Your video should be professional but personal too. Try to have fun with it! If you were the HR person, would you be interested watching it after the first 15 seconds? Show your enthusiasm and be yourself!

7. You need to make sure that some specific  skills that the job requires are highlighted. As I designer I know it would be hard to get a job without Adobe Illustrator knowledge. So when I put my portfolio together I included many technical sketches and pages that show professional competences. I assume it’s the same if you apply for finance. Definitely send some well-done formulas in excel. (that was a joke – Danish people like sarcasm).

Well I like the number 7, so I’ll leave this post it as it is for now. I hope I filled some gaps about the application process. You are always welcome to comment here or message me!

I wish you lots of luck and don’t forget: it’s all worth it 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your day!


Keep checking the Design diaries to hear more about the daily adventures of a designer in the IBT program. At the same time feel free to ask any questions regarding the subject.



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  1. Erisa says:

    Hi. I would love to be part of Bestseller International Business Trainee Programme! I have a bachelor degree in Finance but i do not have any experience. I would like to ask you if my application would be taken in consideration without the experience.

    • Anna Gyetvai says:

      Hi Erisa,

      if I were you I’d definitely apply. You can never know what experience level are the other applicants,right? Make sure you highlight your personal competences, any university activity you participated in. As I mentioned it’s important to show your personality and emphasise why they should still consider you (even though this is the beginning of your journey 🙂 )

  2. Manju Dalal says:

    Hi Anna,
    I want to apply for IBT programme!! but not sure if i ll be eligible or not. well I have 6yrs of experience but i want to start my career with Bestseller only. so is it ok if i have 6yrs of experience in different fields and I apply for sourcing?


    • Anna Gyetvai says:

      Hi Manju,

      I think BESTSELLER would love all your experience. You should definitely apply! But are you sure that you’d be content with a trainee position with 6 years of industry experience? If you worked in sourcing for 6 years already you could try to apply for a permanent position….

  3. Óscar says:

    Hi Anna!

    So, the opportunity to apply for an awesome experience like the IBT Programme sounds has arrived to my life in a crucial moment and I am definitely applying and going for it, so I humbly ask you to please send all the best wishes to me.

    I have had two international experiences already while I was studying, and I am not sure if this could influence in a negative way in the selection process, I mean, do you think the recruiter could might not consider my application because of that? It might sound a little silly of me to worry about it, but I just want to make sure. Thank you so much in advance. And awesome tips, btw.

    • Anna Gyetvai says:

      Hi Oscar,

      I am 100% that your international experiences will be an advantage! They want diversity and people who are open-minded to see the world. You had already started this and seems like you are eager to learn more! So take pride of this and highlight it to BESTSELLER in your application. ( of course combined with your professional competences).
      You sounds very dedicated and enthusiastic. I hope they will find an opportunity no matter which field you apply for. I send you my best wishes for sure 🙂


      • Óscar says:

        Hello Anna!

        Sorry the delay in getting back to you. And thank you so much for your great wishes. So, I have applied today and I am happy that I did it, I was so nervous though.

        I very much hope it works just fine; and regardless of the outcome, it has been a great challenge already to me.

        Kind regards,

  4. eli says:


    Is there a an age limit or a cut off for applying to Ibt, is 4 years experience too much to be a trainee?
    A little confusing when you’re in an in between phase.


    • Anna Gyetvai says:

      Hi Eli 🙂

      I think there is no age limit to the program so don’t let that hold you back 🙂 I think when it comes to experience, the more the better for Bestseller. Just make sure that it is also something that you feel satisfied with. But otherwise I wish you good luck! 🙂


      • Claire says:

        Hi Anna,

        so when there is no age limit for the ibt, what’s the average age of the ibts?
        I’m very, very interested aswell, but I’ve aswell many years of fashion background, but never worked exactly in the design field.
        Do you think, it will be worth, applying?

        Thanks, Claire

        • Anna Gyetvai says:

          Hi Claire,

          in our group the age varies from 23-32 I think. So more or less 10 years. You can imagine that some people are kind of straight after university with some experience and some others have already had several different jobs before coming here. Some of these ‘oldies’ (haha they will hate me for using this phrase) actually never worked in fashion before and took a chance with this program. So there’s still a lot of new things to learn even for them. It sounds like you are gravitated towards working in fashion and no matter what your previous experience is, diversity is an advantage and I think you could give this one a chance! 🙂
          All the best!

  5. Aanchal says:

    how long does it take to get reply after applying for IBT

    • Jette Pedersen says:

      Hi Aanchal
      THE IBT Recruitment Team will make sure that you hear from them no later than 4 weeks after you have uploaded your application.

      Best wishes from Jette, HR Recruitment

  6. dineo says:

    Truly inspirational, I am so excited to apply! Except I am having trouble uploading my design portfolio and video as they are rather large files, even as zip folders. Any tips on how I can go about this? I’m thinking along the lines of google Drive and YouTube links? I know its a rather technical tip but i thought I would try my luck in case you can help 🙂
    Dineo 🙂 🙂

    • Anna Gyetvai says:

      Hi Dineo,

      I just saw your comment. I hope I’m still on time 🙂
      When I sent my portfolio I actually created one file with my most relevant work in it. I saved it as press quality or smallest file size in pdf and that way I could upload it.
      You could mention in your application / motivation letter / cv that high quality files can be seen on a website if you feel like it’s needed.

      Hope this was useful 🙂
      Good luck!


  7. Beatriz Menezes says:

    Hi Anna, thank you very much for your all informations and enthusiasm 🙂 I will apply now!

  8. Srishti says:

    Dear Anna,

    Your post is so useful & informative ! 🙂

    I am confident about most of my application but the video is an area I am a 100% certain about. I would love to hear some tips from you about this part? In terms of content- how to use this tool effectively to present myself in front of the recruiters, what can I share thats different from my cover letter and how to create that right personal-professional balance?

    Thank you so much,

    • Anna Gyetvai says:

      Hi Srishti,

      when I made my video I wanted to make sure that it is more personal than any other parts of my application. I wanted to show my true enthusiasm and passion for the program and my field, design, specifically. I spoke about how ever since i was a little girl I wanted to be a designer and how I have dreamt about exploring the world. So I took a more emotional approach on it. In the background pictures I actually showed some of my work, clothes. But I know some other people took a different direction where they spoke about some of their experience and just did a natural monologue in their own personal way, being funny, determined.
      I would say try to find what your instinct tells you – what is it that is so strongly carved in your thoughts about the programme – that part that you wouldn’t put in the more official documents.
      It’s really hard to give a more specific advise because this part of the application is the most personal. It is so up to you!
      I really hope it helped at least a little bit 🙂
      Good luck Srishti!


      • Srishti says:

        Hi Anna,

        Thank you so much!! This is very helpful, especially the example you shared about your personal experience helps me to ideate 🙂

        Good luck to you too for the new adventures at IBT 🙂


  9. Paulina Martina K says:

    Hi Anna,
    I have been checking my application before my final hand in.
    These are great tips thank you very much for sharing!

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