Let’s talk about food

Let’s talk about food

There are a few things that you will find out about Danes while living in Denmark. Soon after arriving here, I came to learn that Danish people have a BIG passion for food (this also explains why for four years, Noma, which is based in Copenhagen, has made it to the top as being the Best Restaurant in the World).

But this post is not about that – this post is more of ‘what is waiting for you in the kitchen of Bestseller’.

Let’s start with breakfast!

When you come to the office early in the morning, chances are that your team will be hosting a traditional Danish breakfast, which consists of:

  1. Fresh and warm rugbrød (typical Danish bread) that will melt in your mouth with some butter on it.
  2. Skyr yogurt with jam and granola on top (healthy and extremely yummy).
  3. Juices and a wide selection of coffees, such as some nice espresso shots, cappuccinos, and big cups of soft latte (this is available all the time, so if you are a coffee addict just like some of the Italian IBTs, this is perfect for you).

Be careful not to eat too much as Danes also love to celebrate pretty much any occasion in life like birthdays, colleagues’ weddings, farewell parties, new pregnancies, going on vacation and all kinds of other small things which means you will have homemade cake in the office too! Now let’s just spend a moment praising their desserts…

Lunch time!

This is where I become speechless because just a thought of it makes me excited. Lunch, in general, is something to look forward to – a break when you enjoy delicious food with your colleagues, meet fellow IBTs and discuss all the nice things in life.

However, Bestseller’s lunch is a reason itself to apply for this programme… I’m getting hungry now so let the pictures talk for itself, but just to say in short – last Friday I had beetroot ice cream for a dessert and if Michelin critics ever visited the office canteens, Bestseller’s canteen would be granted with 3 stars.

WhatsApp Image 2017-01-29 at 13.49.44 (4) WhatsApp Image 2017-01-29 at 13.49.44 (6) WhatsApp Image 2017-01-29 at 15.35.29

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2 responses to “Let’s talk about food”

  1. Shikha R Patel says:

    It is so good to see a post after some time and that too on a topic that I would be shy to ask about at first, but would most definitely want to know 😬. The pictures look great and the food looks delicious. One more important reason to be a part of the program 😊

    • Migle Cerniauskaite says:

      Thank you for reading, Shikha! 🙂
      Food here is definitely a big reason, haha. I will keep you and others updated on all other things that come to mind when applying. Have a nice day!

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