The Simple Things Bring the Greatest Joy!

The Simple Things Bring the Greatest Joy!

Hello, hello, hello!  Since the last time we touched base, I have been reading a really good book called, The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle! High level, the book highlights the things you can experience by JUST BEING PRESENT IN THE NOW!!! This moment, right here!

To be 100% with you, there will days you will miss your faN.Cromartie Food and Friendmily, close friends, and the comfort of your home city or country; however, these moments will overwhelmingly be complimented by the “simple” things.  In the past month, here are a few things I would like to share that have given me joy, brought laughter, and built connections.

Food and Friends. As a foodie, I love sharing a homemade meal with friends.  We laugh, we share experiences, transfer knowledge, and simply uplift, in Danish terms, hygge* vibes!


Lyngvig Fyr. With a couple of colleagues from SELECTED we traveled to West N.Cromartie LighthouseJutland to N.Cromartie Lighthouse2a city called, Ringkøbing
to see Lyngvig Fyr Museum.
After walking up 228 steps, we were able to reach the scenic coastal skyline! For more information, visit Ringkøbing-Skjern Museum.



Media College Denmark- DUSIN Gallery. 

N.Cromartie DUSIN

I was featured in a gallery by a local photographer, Louise
Thomhav, who has just graduated from Media College Denmark this past Friday.  My friend, Eva and her friend attended the gallery in Åarhus to support all graduating photographers.  The cool thing about this photographer and photo (yellow box) is that she was inspired by my “natural” hair! To see more, visit DUSIN.



N.Cromartie ShawarmaShawarma King. I have never tried this flavorful, falafel infused,
hand-wrapped goodness on-the-go, until I came to Århus, Denmark! I’m telling you, it is a must try with the works (garlic, chili, and ranch-inspired sauce). This food place has become a traditional stop when I visit Århus!




Æbleskiver**. Image result for æbleskiverSharing this ball-shaped Danish pancake delight (very similar to donut balls) with friends are a great way to
end the evening with a sweet treat. This is a traditional Danish Christmas treat, but I purchased an extra bag to extend the enjoyment period!



I have realized that being an IBT is not only about learning by doing at work, but also about learning to enjoy the simple moments that are shared or experienced solo along the journey.  I look forward to sharing more moments. Until next time, make every day an adventure!

*hygge- (pronounced hue-gah) is a Danish word that is a feeling or mood that happens when genuine pleasure comes in every day meaningful moments

**can be purchased only during Christmas time or until sold out in stores.


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