Living in Copenhagen’s little sister

Living in Copenhagen’s little sister

This weekend a few girls from Brande came for a visit to Aarhus. We were talking about the difference experiences we have gained just based on the location – Aarhus or Brande – over some good coffee and a “few” glasses of wine.

As I’m living in Aarhus, this blogpost will be about what life is like when living in Copenhagen’s little sister. For me, living in Aarhus simply means the best coffee places, unique hidden spots and silence.

First of all, Aarhus is also called the city of cafes, and it really deserves this name.  Aarhus offers a lot of small, cosy and artsy coffee places all over the city. Besides the creamy, incredibly scrumptious coffee, there is always good music playing and inspiring people to watch. My coffee buddy Iman (gym junkie, coffee lover and beautiful soul from Chicago) and me have tried a lot of different coffee places in the past few months. It happens to be a regular weekend thing to do – trying at least one new coffee place (it has turned out to be a quite expensive pastime though). So far, these are our top three favourites: La Cabra, Plantecafeen and Great Coffee. This might have to be updated in the upcoming months, as the list of coffee places we still have to try is not getting any shorter at all.

Living in this quite small city for 6 months already, I still find myself discovering places that I haven’t seen or noticed before. It can be a beautiful piece of street art, an inspiring shop or just a coffee place in an old hidden building on the third floor with a beautiful rooftop. You should definitely try to find Lynfabrikken, Insitut for (X) and Galleri Grisk, or find your own favorite hidden spots by walking around the city and keeping your eyes open.

The last point might sound quite awkward to you when you haven’t been to Denmark before. To the ones who have been: you know what I’m talking about. The people from Brande might even roll their eyes, as I know for sure that Aarhus seems like vibrant Tokyo to them. But in Aarhus and probably in whole Denmark you can go to a completely packed restaurant and still be able to have a normal conversation without raising your voice. Quite surprising for me! I guess in general the atmosphere is so peaceful and calm as you see happy families, head over heels in love couples and kids playing wherever you go. Living in Aarhus almost feels like living in a bubble – a happy world bubble.

I hope this gives you an impression of what you can expect when living here.

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One response to “Living in Copenhagen’s little sister”

  1. Srishti says:

    Kirsten, Aarhus sounds like a dream! I have always preferred living in small cities, over big busy metropolitans, They have their own energy and charm.. with their cute artsy hangout spots and streets that make perfect for those weekend bicycle rides!! Denmark feels like just the right place for me… like a perfect blend of small city charm with an opportunity to make a global impact while working at BESTSELLER..Sounds just perfect!

    My favourite cities in Europe are Milan, Amsterdam and Belgium.. and even though I haven’t been to Denmark yet, I already know I am going to love it!

    Reading posts like yours.. I am even more enthusiastic about to be a part of IBT!! 🙂


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