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Application period for the IBT 2017 is almost over. If you haven’t received it yet, hopefully you will receive the invitation for the first interview very soon even though IBT recruiting team conducts ongoing interview. Today, I want to give you some tips about Interview 01 & 02. When I applied last year, I was trying to talk to as many IBTs as possible, sending message on Linkedin, writing email or calling some IBT friends because I thought every insider information is very valuable. Hence, I will try to give as many as possible 🙂

Before I start explaining and giving information about each interview, I want you to know that the interviews are going to be based on relaxed dialogue between you and the recruiter. All our IBT recruiters are very friendly so please try not to stress out and be confident. Imagine yourself talking to a friend about yourself.

Interview 01

You will have this interview with one of the IBT recruiters and it is going to focus mostly on your PERSONALITY. How should you prepare? Please see below:

  • Make your research, know about Bestseller
  • You should be very clear about why you want to work in Bestseller
  • Are you ready to live in Denmark? Away from your family and friends? If yes, you should be able to state your reasons clearly.
  • Are you ready to be stationed in different countries for around 6 months where you will be alone? If yes, you should be able to state your reasons clearly.
  • Know your strengths but more importantly, know your LIMITATIONS. Most candidates are having hard time when they are asked about their weaknesses. Don’t be afraid to tell about your improvement areas but don’t forget to explain how you work on them
  • Know Bestseller values. You will most probably not be asked to tell Bestseller values but it is very important if you can see yourself in those values
  • Be ready for some private questions. Denmark is a very tolerant country with open minded people, so don’t be afraid to be judged, no one will judge you.
  • And if you have any question about the program, this is your best chance to ask.

After this interview, if IBT recruitment team find you suitable for Bestseller, they try to match you with a relevant IBT position. When they match you, then you have the invitation for the second interview.

Interview 02

This interview is going to be with your future manager and the IBT recruiter you had the Interview 01. As this is the second interview and with the department manager you will actually work for, it is going to focus on both personal and professional aspects.

  • When you receive the invitation for Interview 02, you will also see which brand you are having the interview for so again make your research about the brand and know why you would like to work in that brand
  • You should be able to explain why you want to work in that specialist field but be specific, support your arguments with your previous experiences if you have any.
  • You should be passionate and let them see this passion in your eyes. There is nothing wrong to be excited, it is usually the consequence of you wanting this job so badly
  • It is very important that you can explain what you can bring to Bestseller, to your brand and to this function. Are you a cheerful person? God knows how much we sometimes need some good laugh between all these meetings. Are you good with the numbers? We have some many KPIs and we always need colleagues who can analyze the data and identify the improvement areas. Be honest and be humble

I hope this will help you. Before May, I will also try to write about the last interview, Tryout in Denmark which is usually held in the beginning of June. If you have any question, just drop a comment and I will try to reply as soon as possible.

Good luck to all of you guys!



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7 responses to “INTERVIEW TIPS 101”

  1. Maria says:

    Hi Zeynel,

    I have a question, regarding your thirde note of the first interview: ‘ Are you ready to live in Denmark? Away from your family and friends? If yes, you should be able to state your reasons clearly.’

    I am ready to live in Den Mark for two years, but not forever, will that be a problem?

    • Zeynel Oruk says:

      Hi Maria,

      Thanks for the question and your interest.

      It is actually pretty much dependent on the specialist area you are applying for. You design your own future in IBT Program. Many IBTs pursue their career in other countries after graduation, especially people from Sales and Retail. However, if you are applying for Buying, Design or E-Commerce, you will most probably have to stay in Denmark for longer terms as you can imagine the reasons why. I would suggest you to consider that.

      All the Best,

  2. Olga says:

    Hi Zeynel,

    I google mapped Brande and did some research. What do you spend you’re spare time on? It seems like there is nothing to do around the area.

    I currently live in a big city with many opportunities outside of work. I really enjoy the different cultural activities, like concert, museums, galleries and a diverse shopping and food places.

    Cant wait for your reply!

    Thanks 🙂

  3. Mudita says:

    Hi Zenyel,

    This was a really informative. post Thank you for sharing the details.

    I have a question, hopefully you will be able to answer that for me. What is the timeline for receiving the 1st Interview call? Can it take upto 1-2 weeks or probably more than that.

    Thanks & Regards,

    • Zeynel Oruk says:

      Hi Mudita.

      Thanks for the question.

      It changes for each trainee. Some trainees receive it next day, some receive it 3 weeks later. ( like me ) So if you haven’t received it yet, no worries, you will get a reply soon.


  4. Ridhin Sharma says:

    Hej Zeynel!

    Its Ricki here. Thanks for the valuable information you have given above for the interviews. I had a question if you can help me with that. I have been called for interview 02 (Retail management) with a bestseller brand with a store concept manager. Can you please suggest me how should I prepare for this particular field of retail management? Thanks in advance!

    Ridhin Sharma

  5. Sandeep Dadwal says:

    Hi zeynal

    I’ve worked with Jack and Jones in india a year and a half back for around 10 months but didn’t heard about the IBT programme from my managers and HR team.
    After reading about this marvelous programme on the website iam really interested in this and need to know about the procedure to make it in upcoming batch.
    Yours truly

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