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As I promised in my previous blog post, I want to tell you more about the last step of recruitment process for IBT program: TRYOUTS. When you finally pass your first interview with HR team and the second interview with your future manager, you will be invited to Denmark for the last interview which will take 2-3 days. Here, you will meet the other IBT candidates and you will stay in a great place called JACK & JONES Campus where you can enjoy Jutland nature and great food after a long day.

You will share your room with 2 other candidates and you will have the chance to talk to them during the evenings or when you are free. My first suggestion to you, try to get to know the other IBT candidates, talk to them, have a drink with them and be enthusiastic. Do not spend your all time in your room either with your phone or preparing for the interviews. You will have chance for this. From my point, how you communicate with other trainees is crucial for recruitment process.


During the first day of the TRYOUTS, you will be divided in teams and go through some Team Building exercises. Each group will have an observer and evaluate you as a team player during the day. I do not want to reveal too much about the activities but I can tell you that it’s going to be fun. I know you will be anxious in the morning but just go with the flow. What matters in here, which is very important, your capability of being in a team. Always remember BESTSELLER values and keep in mind that this is your chance to show that you have those values. You will get out of your comfort zone and feel like you do not belong there. I am sure some of you will even feel like going back home. When I look back and remember those days, I can see the candidates who got hired had some common characteristics. Based on this, I advise you;

  • Be a good team player, respect others but also support your ideas strongly
  • Be enthusiastic and show them that you want this job. For outdoor activities, always run, don’t walk
  • Don’t hide behind the other team players
  • Motivate your teammates
  • Be open to other ideas and please remember that your idea is not always the best one
  • If you make a mistake, don’t cover it, accept you were wrong
  • Collaborate with others, don’t be very independent

During the rest of the day, you will be asked to work with other candidates – again in small groups – and prepare a presentation for a business case. This will be given to you and you will work with your teammates for like half an hour and then you will present it. This is your chance to show your approach to business and your ability to work as a team player in a business environment. Everybody will say something and there will be so many ideas but remember, you need to be logical, structured and also be aware of time. You will be observed both during discussion and also during presentation.

You will have one last interview with your manager and maybe some new people the next day. All the notes taken by the observers during the activities & business case will be given to your future manager and he/she will ask you questions to understand your situational behavior. There will also be some work related and role specific questions.

Hope this helps to you prepare yourselves for the TRYOUTS even a bit. Please do not just read this post, try to understand every detail and apply to yourself before coming to Denmark.

I hope I will see you in September guys!


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  1. Maísa says:

    Thank you for your post, Zeynel! I’m taking part in this year’s ibt recruitment process. I’ve gone through the 1st interview and I’m still waiting for the invitation for interview 02. Everytime I read the IBT’s posts here I get more and more eager to know every single detail about this programme and abou Bestseller. Your tips seem really useful, I hope to be able to make good use of them! Fingers crossed!

  2. Alexandra Bush says:

    I know you can’t disclose what the outdoor activities are but since you mentioned above to always run instead of walk I have to ask, what is the appropriate appeal for these activities? For instance, should we wear athletic gear or is something like jeans okay? It’s a little thing but I do want to be prepared.

  3. Tina says:

    Hi Zeynel,

    Wonderful writing! Makes me really thrilled for the IBT Tryout!

    Just wondering if those who made it to the tryouts have been chosen already. I followed up on my application and with 2 weeks prior the tryout, I have been informed that the team is still in the evaluation process.

    Still keeping my fingers crossed!
    – Tina

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