IT is fun!

IT is fun!

This blog post is going to break two very common myths about IT and BESTSELLER. Ready?

1st myth. IT and FUN just don’t go together. 

Fact. ‘Sooo.. What is it exactly that you do?’ and ‘Oh, but IT is so boring!’. This is something every IT person hears a million times. In BESTSELLER or among IBTs you will hear it as well. Somehow people working in the fashion business get the impression that their colleagues from IT don’t know how to have fun. This time I won’t try to prove how much fun the daily work is (not every person working in IT is fixing computers! Even though it can be fun, haha). This time I will give you a few examples of how we have fun and spend time with our precious colleagues. For example, the Business Excellence department has established a rule of wearing suits every first Thursday of the month and then the same Thursday evening meet at a bar for drinks. In addition, we in IT Project Management just had a teambuilding getaway trip, where we went camping and had loads of food, laugher, fire and beer (plus two horses). See snaps taken below!

camping               horse

2nd myth. Working in such a large company like BESTSELLER means you will never get the chance to meet people from all other IT departments.

Fact. We don’t like the word corporate, because even though the size of the company is very big, it is far from having strict rules and structures. The IT community in BESTSELLER is extremely close and it cannot be easier to meet each other – we are all sitting in the same part of the building! When the coffee machine next to you is broken, you go one floor up/down and I guarantee, after 10 minutes you will not only have a cup of coffee but also a friend in another IT department. Take me as an example – I have started the traineeship 8 months ago and today I have friends across the whole IT organization (that is a lot of hi’s during lunch, by the way).

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