Summer in the city

Summer in the city

Hello everyone 🙂

I’ve just got off  the train from Aarhus about half an hour ago, full of energy, and with  great memories. It always surprises me how many great things you can fit into only a day or two… So let me share my freshly created memories with you and present the happiest side of living in Denmark.

On Friday  some of my IBT friends and I decided to participate in the International Friday Bar event, organised by Bestseller in Aarhus. The event is created to bring all the internationals of Bestseller closer to each other and also for our Danish colleagues who would like to expend their social circle. So, after work my designer colleague offered me a ride from Brande to Aarhus where my Spanish friend Ana waited for me at the apartments. Soon it was more than just the two of us, sipping some beers on their terrace, getting ready to head to the city centre.
We have waited at least 8 months for this day but we finally got the chance to wear our summer dresses, sunglasses and enjoy the city at its best. People all over the streets taking a deep breath of the fresh summer air, sitting outside of cafes, enjoying every bit of this beautiful day.Summertime in Arhus
As we arrived to the bar we met some ex-IBTs and colleagues both from Arhus and Brande and together we enjoyed the great offer of refreshing cocktails and the best burger in town from across the street. Do you know that feeling when the sun only sets at 11 in the evening but at 7 you already feel like you’re at a great party? 🙂 Well we do. It was so great to catch up with my friends who I don’t get to see as often as I would like to. So many funny stories to share and laugh at!
But the fun hasn’t stopped at the bar and we continued the party on the balcony of the IBT apartments. All of us were dancing to the eclectic selection of music including latin reggaeton and Danish rap songs. Afterwards we went dancing to the Noisy May bar ( at least the Arhus people call it that way, regardless of the fact that it is not owned by the brand but hosted maybe one or two of their parties)
As usual we ended our night at our favourite shawarma place with some falafel wraps. (I sincerely believe that the place has a big turnover increase since our group moved to Denmark and discovered them…)
Eventually I went to bed with a big smile on my face and not only because of those cocktails but because I knew the next day we will have a super fun day.

International crew

Thank you for the fantastic weekend guys!

Surprise! Denmark becomes a holiday resort the minute the temperature hits 25! Everybody goes to the beach and tries to get their yearly dose of vitamin D and a nice pinky shade of tan. The real sea lovers, like me, even go inside the chilly water for a refreshing swim. The smell of the sea and the sand on your toes certainly takes away any sort of stress you had. Looking at our pictures, no one would guess that we are not on a vacation in the South…
As we walked back to the city, leaving sandy footprints on the pavement I just had one thing on my mind: life is beautiful.

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