Design diaries – behind the scenes

Design diaries – behind the scenes

Hello everybody,

so many things have been happening  both in professional and personal life that it’s really hard to choose what to share today 🙂 Anyway I decided to write about the past week in work, as it has been  full of challenges and diverse experiences.

There are many behind the scenes tasks for me, as a designer, besides actual design. For each collection we have different market’s sales representatives coming to Denmark to see the  ONLY PLAY collection and listen to our presentations. During this meeting the managers of different fields present the brand’s results, evaluate the markets’ performances and discuss future targets. It has been a huge honour that I got to be the one speaking on design’s behalf about the trends and tendencies for the collection. It is quite important to sound convincing since collection #1 (spring) is quite big and can either mean a big turnover or loss.
Those who know me probably heard it before that speaking in front of a big audience is something that definitely gives me that butterflies in the stomach feeling. ( The kind that makes you feel like you’re about to faint or lose your voice. I’m not sure what species of butterflies those are…) Anyway we learned the trick in our IBT school period one that nobody, except you, can actually tell  how many of those little creatures you have bouncing around  your stomach, so just stay calm and say what you have to say. The other great trick is that whenever you feel nervous you can try to turn your anxiety into the opposite : excitement. That one tends to have a positive effect on the audience so it’s worth giving it a shot.
I know all this in theory but I needed to put it into practice. So what I did is that the days before my presentation I contacted my Spanish friend, Pablo, and asked him to coach me about presentation techniques. He is the liveliest speaker who I could think of and he also happens to love selling. So learning how to sell ideas to sales people from someone like him is definitely the riONLY PLAY presentation collection 1ght idea. The day before I also asked my little Brande IBT family to gather in my apartment and pretend that they are sales people from different markets. They listened to my presentation and gave me feedback about such things as the tone of my voice and how to phrase my words differently to have a more positive impact. Those details really make a difference! The actual presentation went really well and I believe I was able to enthuse the sales team. I hope it will make a difference once they go back to their countries and present the collection to their costumers.

In the evening the whole big team went for a surprise team building activity together. It turned out to be an adventurous one where we got to ride some quad bikes and try segways. Here we go: challenge nr.2! I don’t have a driving license and never rode a quad before so at the first turn I ended up crashing a blooming bush of beautiful yellow flowers. Not so beautiful anymore. Good news is that I got off the bike after an hour in one piece with a smile on my face. Plus there were some very cute puppies at this farm which made everyone  – me for sure- forget the fresh bruises we got from our daredevil behaviour.  Last but not least we ended the day with some great tapas and some nice wine.

Eventually I ended the week thinking how many times I left my comfort zone this week in order to improve my weaknesses… I think the scale would say: above average

Let’s keep it that way.

06.06.2017 Brande

ONLY PLAY team building 2017

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