Last Supper: Picnic in Brande

Last Supper: Picnic in Brande

Hi all,

Time has passed so quickly since we started the program in September and this week some IBTs, in Brande, are starting to go on vacation and then to their rotations in different cities: Beijing, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Shanghai and more… Last weekend was the last week where all the IBTs from Brande where all together and we wanted to say goodbye to each other with a full day of fun: A picnic in Brande.

In this time of the year, Brande is amazing. It gets dark around 23.00, the flowers are blooming and it’s green everywhere. What could have been better than a barbecue outside, sunbathing, drinking beer and enjoying the weather?

IMG_2933The IBTs become your family. You live all together in the same building, you enter each other’s houses without even knocking the door, borrowing lemon, sauce or whatever you need without asking, sharing your problems, happiness; celebrating birthdays and Christmas. I think this is one of the best parts of being an IBT. I recommend you to apply to the program even only for the experience.

I am also leaving for vacation in a week, my next post will be from Amsterdam.

Until then, have a great summer!


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