As the Sun sets for IBT 2015

As the Sun sets for IBT 2015

As the new IBT’s will arrive soon the sun is about to set for 2015 batch.

I already have said so much and so much is never enough. Even words can’t explain it, but I will try:

It still seems like yesterday when I moved to Brande to start my IBT programme at Name It. Where on my first day I got lost and couldn’t find my office.

I still remember the excitement I felt to meet my new colleagues, the journey of meeting fellow IBT’s from different background and becoming friends. The pizza Friday, happy Monday, bowling Tuesday and all the other rituals we made when living together.

The last two years in this programme has one of the best experience in my life, where I have learned so much from everyone that made me grow professionally and personally. The freedom and trust of this company to the employees is commendable, where they encourage people to come up with the out of the box ideas and creative solutions for business. A place where everyone is keen to listen to your ideas.

 In the last two years, I have met people who have become my role model, people who have become my closest friends. And I got to work with so many people from different countries and got to travel across the globe.

As this chapter of my life is about to come to end, I will start my new chapter within Bestseller by working as NOOS Demand Planner for name it. Some of us will continue our journey within Bestseller, whereas some will move on. But no matter what, we will always be, at the end :


Team 2015 😊

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