London calling

London calling

Hi guys,

Time flies. It has been almost three months since I left the peaceful city of Aarhus in Denmark in order to dive into this crazy concrete jungle called LONDON but it seems like only yesterday when I was packing all my belongings and said “see you in 6 months” to my friends in Denmark.

Changes are tough, I am not going to lie, but it is always easier when they are made for a good reason. After working one year for MAMALICIOUS in Denmark, I was given the chance to come to London to help optimise the processes for one of our Key Accounts. At least that is what I thought. It took me just a few weeks to get completely involved with the Logistics team when suddenly I was trusted with a project that is 10 times bigger than the initial one. My new role? Creating a new set up for the UK in order to improve the services that we provide to our customers as well as optimising the processes for our biggest Key Account. And if the project itself wasn’t exciting enough, imagine working closely together with top experienced and smart people within the organization. What was supposed to be 6 months in London turned into moving permanently to the British capital.

How do I feel about staying in London? Last February I visited the city for the very first time in my life. Before coming here my only thoughts about the UK were the clichés: sipping tea and people with a funny (but attractive) accent who wear sandals with socks. At least this is how I saw British people walking around in my home area of Málaga all the time. I found it funny that I had been all over the world, even as far as a remote village in the middle of the mountains in the Philippines, but I had never found the occasion to visit London, which is only a cheap Ryanair ticket away from Spain. But here I am now and it was love at first sight. Not that I enjoy taking the central line in peak hour or dodge thousands of tourists while walking in the street. But the balance is more than restored with what this city has to offer. Diversity, cultural options, music… Do you want to go to the theater on a Tuesday? why not? What about a Monday concert? You get it! And an additional extra point is that all my friends can’t wait to visit me in this crazy city :). So yes, I couldn’t be any happier to be here!

I hope you enjoyed this bite of my new life, I will keep you posted with more news!



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