Where the future is

Where the future is

Hi guys!

Last week a Careers Fair took place in the London College of Fashion with around 1000 students participating. BESTSELLER had the opportunity to be part of it, and Frances, Regional HR Business Partner (and now my IBT coach too 🙂 ) invited Josh, our Creative in Brand Communication here in UK, and myself to speak about our experience as well as promote the IBT Program and some intern positions.

I must admit that despite the lack of voice after talking the entire day, it was such an enriching experience to meet all the students. I found a lot of people interested in the IBT and what I loved the most was that regardless their field, from Design to Fashion Management, there was a place for them within the program.

One of the most frequent question that I got was what they are looking into the people applying for the program, and my answer was always the same: ATTITUDE. Of course it is valuable to have a great academic and professional background, don’t get me wrong. But if you have the right energy, passion and ambition you would be picked always before someone with maybe more experience but a wrong mindset.

The funniest part of the day was when a guy approached to us and after saying that I was an IBT he asked me if I wrote a post in the IBT-Blog about my time in London, as they analysed our blog in the eMBA. So if you are back reading our journey, HI!! 🙂

Thanks to everyone who was there and Frances for inviting me!

Talk to you soon,


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