Destination 2 | ISTANBUL | “In The City!”

Destination 2 | ISTANBUL | “In The City!”

Destination 2 | ISTANBUL | “In The City!”


I know . . . I know, I’ve been missing in action these last few months on the blog post, but so many great things have been happening!

For starters, I am now living “In the City” also known as Istanbul for my Destination 2!

For those interested in applying for the IBT Program, the three destinations you get to experience within the two-year program is one of the biggest highlights to this opportunity!

It gives us the chance to transfer the on-growing knowledge from your Destination 1, in Denmark, and apply it to Destination 2 and 3, in an up-close, and personal way with our partnering manufacturers/suppliers. These moments are such priceless experiences and learnings!

Just to share a few highlights I’ve experienced:

  1. Endless learnings to the behind the scenes of one of our manufacturing partners!
  •  We made our very own pair of denim at Realkom Textile Manufacturer in Düzce, Turkey. See a snippet below 🙂


  2.  Tasting tons of unforgettable cuisine!

  • Some of my favorites are Menemen, Kumpir, and the infamous, Lentil soup! Mmm, hmm, mmm… so delicious!!! I will have to take pictures to share 🙂

  3. Exploring SOOOOO many beautiful places “in the city” and around Turkey!


Beautiful view along a walk in Istanbul!


A visit to the thermal and mineral-rich waters of Pamukkale during a visit a supplier visit at Deniz Textile in Denizli, Turkey! I can’t be I captured this!


Laodicea on the Lycus

A picture of some of the ruins during the Laodicea on the Lycus tour! I really was inspired, so I had to take the picture!
















4. Learning a few Turkish phrases, and daily lingo! Click each word to hear the pronunciation!


5. Meeting many wonderful, warm, and welcoming people in the Bestseller Turkey Office!


The Bestseller Turkey Office – Halloween Party 2017! We also celebrated the 20th Anniversary of Bestseller Country Manager, Aylin Cetindag (to the right of me) that evening. We had an amazing time!


I’m such a happy girl “IN THE CITY” for sure!


NaKena Cromartie

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