What the f… is a buyer doing?

What the f… is a buyer doing?

I remember very well how it was in December last year – skimming the internet for traineeships, jobs and internships. Now it is almost three months that I’m sitting here in Aarhus as a part of the Mamalicious buying team. Trust me, I wouldn’t swap with anyone. How I knew I’d like it? No idea, I just had the feeling that I would enjoy being a buyer. Maybe you are like me, maybe you are not. So let me try to show you a little bit of my daily tasks and help you make the decision to apply as a Buying trainee – or not 😉

Working in fashion, closely to the product, that sounds a bit superficial but also very exciting. Don’t get me wrong, it is fun, but it is not just playing with clothes the whole day and talking about the next big trend. A big advantage of working in a small brand such as Mamalicious is that you work really close together with the designers and pattern makers and are involved in the whole process of creating the product. Choosing and testing qualities or approving colors and prints are of course part of a buyers daily tasks.

But there is more…

…there is Excel. A lot of Excel. Buyers are not just jet-setting and touching different fabrics. The biggest part of my working day takes place in front of the computer, talking to suppliers (the best thing about this job!), arranging Excel sheets, calculating prices and updating information in the system. And all of that with a messy table full of clothes and coffee (and cake on fridays). What more do you want?

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