A Life of Two Cities

A Life of Two Cities

Don’t try so hard, the best things come when you least expect them to.

                                                           -Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities

I work in Stilling but live in Aarhus.

Hello guys! This is Emma from China working for VILA buying department. Time flies, three and half months ago I started my commuting life from Aarhus to Stilling. Honestly speaking, I was so panic when I paid 100 dkk on my first day round trip to the VILA office. What on my mind at that moment was why the public transportation is so scarily expensive  in Denmark especially when I compared it with the 20-yuan bus ticket fee back in China. However, when I saw the VILA office beautifully sitting on the hillside of Stilling Lake and imaged the days I will be work in such a great environment with amazing natural view, it is definitely worthy. But I still have to deal with the reality: what is the cheapest option for me to commute? Luckily for me, I received lots of suggestions from my coach Mia and my co-worker Anne who both suggest me to apply for Rejsekort (travelling card in DK) and then carpool with other colleagues after work. Moreover, the IBT HR team also provided me with financial support which mostly cover my monthly transportation expense.

Now I am more than delighted to commute every day and enjoy the breathtaking view on my way to work. Last Monday, Stilling was covered with heavy snow and when looking far away from office windows, a marvelous silver white world came to my eyes. I love snow so much because it brings us hope and vigour.


Vila Office in Fall and snow-white Winter

On my way to Stilling Office(don’t envy me, you can also come and visit me )

I can’t wait to see the view in the coming spring and summer and share with you.

Stay tuned!

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