School periods intro

School periods intro

If you had already seen the International Business Trainee program vacancy from BESTSELLER and you are thinking school periods what is that all about I thought I am done with studying, let me tell you these school periods are nothing like what you are used to from University! In my opinion they should be called cool-periods. Even though I have only been through school period 1 so far, I have to say it was amazing. It has nothing to do with theory or studying or long hours just sitting and listening to never ending lessons. It is all about developing your own skills (ones you might not even think you had!), using different methods and combined with so much fun and team work while at the same time being trained by professionals. I hope I can help you visualize at least part of it with these photos:

In addition you get so many insights and knowledge about BESTSELLER as a whole during these times which is a knowledge that has no price and will help you a lot no matter what field you are thinking of applying for. For example I already used in practice the knowledge I gained about Retail from the School Period 1 even though I applied for and am working in the Finance department. I can only say you can look forward to these times since I already am super excited about the next one!

P.S. Hope you are a cake lover since you will have the chance to enjoy this delicious Danish treats everyday! 🙂


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