Unbelievable how fast time is running! I’m currently sitting at the airport on my way to London and I realized that it’s been almost 4 months since I have left Austria to join the program. So far, there has not been a day where I regret this decision. If I think back, it’s hard for me to decide which experience has been the best so far, because there is so much going on all the time.

But if I must describe this time with one word it would be “A JOURNEY”. For me in both ways, there are so many professional things I’ve learned and there is no end in sight. Furthermore, I’m working in sales so I also have the privilege to travel to the most amazing cities, which is for me the most fun and at the same time exhausting part. To highlight some of my favorite cities in which this program has brought me so far:

Berlin – Hamburg – Copenhagen – London – Munich – Dusseldorf – …….

And when I look at my already planned travels for the next coming months (Berlin, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Beijing, Shanghai), I really can’t wait to come back from Christmas vacation.

As I said before it’s also the most exhausting part. Don’t get me wrong, I love to work with the newest collections with the biggest fashion retailers worldwide, always surrounded with different flairs from the cities, but these working days are also the longest days. But as long it’s your passion and you love it (and I do), I must say it doesn’t feel like work.

So, this business trip will now be my last one for this year before heading home to Vienna to finally see my family and friends for the first time again since I left. Time is up now, its boarding time but I will keep you updated and write to you again in 2018!



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