Is it 16:30? Aarhus Life 2.0 starts ;)

Is it 16:30? Aarhus Life 2.0 starts ;)


Working with BESTSELLER is great and when we also party together, it’s even the best. Having been lived in New Delhi, Glasgow and Copenhagen, I was excited and anxious about the Aarhus city life when its population is just one-fourth of Copenhagen & 1/70th of Delhi. But it’s been a lovely surprise! Let’s talk about only after-work Aarhus life(which is typically 1600-1630ish depending upon department).

View of the city at night


Firstly, the IBT accommodation(for people stationed in Aarhus) is in the center of the city center. So, my accommodation is surrounded by 5-6 fitness centers within 1.5 kms radius. Consequently, I do not have good excuses to training classes. In addition, botanical garden, a park and few other running tracks are also within 5 kms, if somebody likes running.


Salling rooftop cafe in city center


Aarhus city always have few dance events for salsa, bachata, tango etc., so if that is one of your hobbies, you gonna be too busy. A boxing club is 5 mins away from BESTSELLER office in Aarhus. Oh well, BESTSELLER office itself stands tall on the Aarhus harbor, so kayaking should also be a nearby option, I have not researched deep though.


BESTSELLER headquarters


Both the music house and the university are 1 km away, though in opposite directions. Deer park is a nature lover site. Then there are game board cafes, public library, exotic restaurants, vibrant clubs and infinite opportunities of “hygge/cozying up” here. Just after 3.5 months, I feel like Copenhagen is too crowded with FOUR times the population of Aarhus and New Delhi is just unlivable for me now! 😉

My pic collage

Good luck! and please ask anything you want 🙂


Disclaimer: Things mentioned here are based on my emotional feelings which might differ from person to person. It also includes some sarcastic humor and has no intent to hurt anybody’s sentiments.

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