“Time flies when you are having fun”

“Time flies when you are having fun”

It has been four months since all of this started and today I am back at the office after my Christmas Holidays. Looking back, I can say that this has been and it is still one of the most exciting experiences I ever had. Before moving to Denmark, I had never been here and now I am totally in love with it and all of the memories that I have already done.

If you are thinking on applying, do it! This program is just going to bring you positive things, not only professional but also personal. Since I moved I have a new international family, 16 people from 10 different countries together, with who I share nearly everyday. We live in the same building, mostly all of us work in the same office and besides from other common interests, we really like to spend time together. What is more important is that by sharing this same experience our relations have strengthened and I can say that I also feel home when I am with them. Every excuse is good for meeting: a coffee, an afterwork party or a weekend trip, we all even go to the same gym! And it is thanks to all of this plans that we start realizing that time is flying and it is already Jan 2018! We really need to make the most of it!

Now I am sitting in my desk and I can not wait to meet and hug them later today, to share my vacations and why not, start complaining the nice welcome we had back in Denmark: Rain!

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