IBT from a finance perspective

IBT from a finance perspective

Hi all of you Finance People out there!

In this blog post I would like to share my point of view as a Finance International Business Trainee. More precisely as I mentioned in my previous blog before as I recall I am part of the  Performance Reporting and Controlling Team. Before I applied I had some working experience but nothing I tried before fulfilled me and made me want to stay and do it longer so I kept trying to find my perfect match. After applying for this program and eventually getting accepted I have to admit besides being extremely excited I was at the same time super terrified of not being able to fulfill the expectations from my team, my manager and most of all from myself. Now after 6 month being part of the Controlling team (which btw is an awesome team 🙂 ) I have to say I had nothing to be afraid of ! I was welcomed by colleagues full with understanding of my lack of experience, ready to transfer all their knowledge and help me with every question or frustration I come up with during my work. Thanks to them and of course my huge motivation to learn and to develop my self in the field I spent 5 years of studying for  I have to say I came further than  I could ever imagine. I can finally say now I know a thing or two in Finance 🙂 So if you are like me a Finance person “wanna be” but you don’t even have the needed excel skills for it don’t let that stop you! This is the opportunity you are waiting for! I know for me I have found my perfect match and I can’t be happier with my decision.

Besides, we also know how to have fun in finance! This is a photo of us playing “Pakkeleg”  – Danish game traditionally played for Christmas. Each player brings a small gift and all gifts are placed in the middle of the table. 1st round: Players take turns in rolling the dice and when you roll a 6, you choose a gift until all gifts have been taken. 2nd round: The game continues the same way, but now you steal gifts from the other players, when you roll a 6, though only for a limited amount of time, which has been set beforehand. Everybody then gets to open their gifts. We all managed to end the game with at least one gift 🙂

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