No two days are the same when you work for retail.

Do you really want to know what retail is all about? Well let’s just that no two days can look the same when you are working for retail.

I have always been inclined towards this field and it really fascinates me how these stores attract us towards them and how we end up buying more than what we need or want.

So, I have decided to dedicate my career to the field of retail and there’s not a single day that I would regret this decision.

I work with the VERO MODA retail team in Aarhus. If you would ask me how my experience has been so far, I would like to say just opposite to how the weather has been so far in Aarhus (majorly miss the sun) which means my experience has been quite brilliant and exciting.

I have worked on so many different projects in the past 5 months and got ample opportunities to collaborate with different teams.

The most exciting times have been when I visit stores in different markets. Its so exciting to see how each country works and how our stores look in each market. It really helps me in understanding our customers better and to also know how important it is to maintain our brand identity in each market.

This field has taught me how you must learn to live on the edge. You can never get too comfortable because you don’t know what the coming season would bring. It isn’t a cake walk for sure to be in retail, you must catch a lot of 2am flights and then look all fresh and give presentations. You would think that your day will be full of inspiration and you want to rock the day in your best high heel shoes, but you might end up re opening a store in a completely new city because you believe in team work and as we say in bestseller we always want to be the best and we take nothing for granted.

I have had days where I am grasping all the knowledge that I could from product specialists, have had days where I got engrossed in numbers and would develop tools to support teams in the countries, then there are days where I am  in a photo studio shooting the guidelines and also there are days where I get to see the best fashion fairs and stores to be inspired.

So, when I say that no two days can ever be the same when you work in retail I literally mean it. So, if you feel that you are someone who loves the rush and the thrill that this field brings along please go ahead and join the bestseller retail journey because it will be worth it 😊


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