First impressions!

First impressions!

Hi future applicants!


I am Marta and I am writing my first post in the IBT blog from the Aarhus office!

We had the IBT Blog presentation and we were encouraged to write our first blog post, so here it is! 😊 We did a quick brainstorm in pairs, so I decided to let you know how our first two days of the week have been.

I arrived in Aarhus from Barcelona just a few days ago; last Monday. It has been great so far! We got picked up at the airport and we went to the apartment. We received many information before arriving to Denmark, including some info about the flats… but it was definitely better than I expected! I am sure we will be really comfy and happy in our new home for the next two years!

On Tuesday we went to Campus (this is the place where the tryout took place). It is a really cool building, surrounded by nature and super cozy. We spent the day doing some team building tasks. We played some really fun games that helped us get to know each other more and had a lovely time. We even spent some time in the kitchen practicing our cooking skills 😊!

It was great to enter the Aarhus office in the morning; the building is amazing!! Once we got our coffees (you will find each floor has a coffee machine and some fruit for everyone!) we went through an introduction/welcome and also had a talk from a former IBT (which was really inspiring!). We went through some paperwork that had to be done (easy and quick, do not worry about that!). Lots of information today about several topics but it feels so great to be here. The tour in the office felt also great; I have attached a few of pictures for you to see it as well 😊.


We will keep on writing posts on here, so I hope you have a look at them, and get a glimpse of our life here!

Also, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write down here!


See you on my next post!




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