Arriving and getting settled

Hello, good people of the internet! I’m Oliver, I joined the IBT team in Finance, and I’ll be writing some blog posts from the heart of Aarhus.

Meeting the team (again)

This Monday we all arrived for the first time in Aarhus (and some in Brande) – and while some people had really long flights, I only had a 2-hour drive. Still, I was exhausted Monday evening just from the excitement of seeing everybody again, as well as the anticipation of finally starting the program after a 4 month wait.

We all had dinner (and a few drinks) together in one of the apartments, and it was really nice to catch up with everybody again. Even though we had only previously spent 3 days together during the tryout in May, it felt like we already knew each other quite well.

Last night some of us started watching a TV series together, so now we are committed to each other!

I’m really looking forward to spending even more time with the other IBTs in the future, and getting to know them even better.

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