The day we have all been looking forward to – arriving in Denmark

The day we have all been looking forward to – arriving in Denmark

The past four months have been the longest four months I have ever experienced. Since I in the beginning of June got to know, that I was going to be one of the 15 International Business Trainees of 2018, I was counting the days to the 24th of September – the first day of the IBT program and the arrival in the apartments.

And I have to say… all my expectations were not only met, but surpassed: Getting welcomed to the apartment and the house, meeting the other trainees and my roommate, unpacking and getting settled in this “new life” was just amazing and a fantastic start.

Everyone was so happy to see each other again and we had all shared the same anticipation, a little nervousness and excitement, so we decided to meet up for dinner on the very first evening to just share some of these thoughts. It was so cozy to see everyone again and I think we could all relate to the feeling of “well, now we are really here…” – a little surreal but so great!

Below you see a picture of our first evening in Aarhus – some happy (and a little tired 😉) faces, filled with excitement and anticipation.Picture blogpost no. 1

If you are excited to hear more about what we are up to, stay tuned and follow our blog 😊

Talk to you again soon!


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