First dinner as an IBT

First dinner as an IBT

After spending our first day in Denmark meeting our new flat mates and figuring out how to unpack our stuff, the Brande kids had our first dinner together. Some of our new friends did an amazing job cooking dinner for the entire team, while the others contributed with chips and some beverages.

For the whole night we laughed about our travel experiences, weather differences between countries and any other story we had about what we had been doing for the past months since the tryout. Just a group of people talking to each other about life, listening to some music, and enjoying a glass of wine and some of the great beers Denmark has to offer.

I can say it was pretty cool to hear that everyone was really excited and pretty much expecting the same for the first day as an IBT and for the programme in general. Even though we have been employed for different areas and brands, and are completely different in many ways, it feels kind of right being here and getting to know this people that now I can call friends. It’s really cool how we have got so close together, and it’s just the first week. I’m looking forward for what’s coming in these two years…Dinner IBT

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