Benefits of a Traineeship

Benefits of a Traineeship


Hej there,

you might just finished university or have decided you need a career change? What even is your dream job? Do you want to move away from home? What other options do you have?

Sometimes all these questions can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you’ve just left university and are forced to make a decision – yesterday.

Below I am going to state FOUR benefits of doing a traineeship that might help you to make this decision at least a little easier.


1. A good mix of formal training and practical learning
You won’t just be stuck in a classroom throughout the entire period of your traineeship. The IBT program at BESTSELLER consists of three periods with practical work experience in your department in Denmark and abroad and four school periods with theoretical training including study trips.

2. Networking
During the 2-year period you are going to meet ambitious and inspiring people from all over the world. Living, working, travelling and studying together with so many international people with various different backgrounds makes you see problems from various angles, it makes you scrutinizing things and it makes you think out of the box. This multicultural environment will help you to succeed in a fast-paced organization.

3. Discover your interests
You will work on different projects, get to know a lot of people in the company, and you will learn about your interests and strengths, but also about your weaknesses and limitations. You will profit personally and professionally because you are individually and extensively trained and encouraged. After the program you have an in-depth knowledge of the chosen area of specialty and a strong understanding of the business.

4. You earn while you learn
A traineeship is an ideal opportunity to become qualified in a particular field as a paid employee. Besides the monthly salary you will also receive fully financed accommodation, study trips, a security and insurance package and two trips to your home country each year.


In a nutshell: You won’t only gain skills and experience during practical, on-the-job training but you’ll also make friends from all over the world.

All the best and good luck with your decision,



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