The first days as an IBT

The first days as an IBT

Hey Guys!

We finally started as an IBT two days ago. We made it! After all thoughts, positive and concerning once, before coming finally to Denmark, I am more than happy being here. It was lovely seeing the other IBTs again and it really felt like we know each other since a couple of years. In these two days we got really close and we will be as a family during the two years program. I am super excited about the next weeks. The school period will start and will get to know BESTSELLER better and better. And guess what we will also do during the school period?! We are going to Germany!!

While I am rereading this, it really sounds as it is still a dream. But it is not! And after I went through the whole application process, I can really say: It was the best and smartest decision to apply for the IBT Program. In BESTSELLER it is all about values, people and a good working atmosphere. BUT don’t forget that this will also be a job in which we have to succeed. This combination is great and it is so hard to put in words!

I hope you enjoyed the short insight and I will keep you updated.

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