Arriving in Brande

Arriving in Brande

So, it’s the beginning of October and 15 of us new International Business Trainees just started out our 2-year journey here at BESTSELLER. First two weeks have been full of learning, not just about the business, but also about each other and getting to know our new home towns.

When I applied to this program I think one of the things that interested me the most was how’s Brande and how’s the life there. As you might know, when being part of the IBT program you will be first placed either in Aarhus or Brande based on what you do and what brand you work for. And as you might know Aarhus, the second biggest city in Denmark, you most likely don’t know much about Brande a small town of 7000 people in the heart of Jylland.

I myself arrived in Brande from Aalborg, which is a city in Northern Denmark where I studied my masters before starting in the IBT program. I am originally from Finland, been living in Denmark for two years, so me and my friends backed up all my belongings to her tiny car and drove two hours to middle of Denmark. First remark was that Brande is very small, second was the amount of street art in form of mural paintings, some of them pretty impressive like this Alice in Wonderland one, my personal favourite.


It was more than pleasant surprise to see that the BESTSELLER apartments in Brande are really nice and it immediately felt like home. We have very nice outside terrace as well and I can imagine that we’ll have some great barbeque parties there.

Even though Brande is small, it’s very cute and idyllic. We also were immediately very welcomed to Brande by other BESTSELLER employees in a form of a welcoming party, which was really nice way to get to know new people in the neighbourhood. Now we are spending couple of weeks in Aarhus and Germany for the first school period, and to be honest, I sometimes miss the calmness of Brande. This was only a small glimpse to how Brande is like, but I’ll promise you’ll get more posts about our life there and how to make the best out of your time as an IBT.

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