The Danish HYGGE😊

The Danish HYGGE😊

Why I found it relevant trying to explain hygge, is because, for my fellow new IBTs coming to a whole new country and culture, feeling good is important, – because as I see it, feeling good makes you feel comfortable and hopefully home at some point – and who does not want to feel good and comfortable when you move to a new place in life? 😊

I will also try to explain what hygge is, from my point of view. For me hygge can be lighting candles, drinking wine, while you listen to your favourite music alone or with your friends. Hygge can be gathering a bunch of friends, watch a movie and simply just eat candy. Hygge can be cooking with your family. Hygge can be going for a walk with a cup of coffee or reading your favourite book. Hygge can be going to a theme party acting crazy, or it could be traveling and exploring new places with a person you love. – As you may have noticed hygge can be almost anything, and it can be everywhere, at any time. The important thing about hygge is that the people involved feel good and are enjoying the company even if it is just their own.

For me hygge is easy to be a part of and will bring people together and create closeness. And I think, this is why Danes love hygge, and why we talk so much about it. 😊 To show you in a more visual way I have put some pictures in this post where I really felt the hygge.

Hope you enjoy it and got to know a little bit more about what the hygge is all about. 😊


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