First Week in Denmark

If you’re reading this, you’re either interested in becoming a BESTSELLER International Business Trainee or are already one. It’s no easy feat moving your entire life to a new, foreign country. There’s excitement for your life ahead but also an apprehension and nervousness for any challenges the future might bring.

Moving from London to Brande was a very big change for me, and a huge personal decision that I made for my career. I am very grateful to the IBT and People Team at BESTSELLER for guiding us along the way and making sure all the necessary formalities were taken care of when we arrived in Denmark. I spent my first day here getting to know my flatmate and other IBTs in Brande, as well as exploring our neighboring area. Brande might be small but it’s a very picturesque town, almost right out of a Hollywood romcom. Everyone here is welcoming, and tries to communicate in English as best as they can, which was a nice change for me from the grumpy faces I had gotten used to in London. Apart from figuring out where to buy groceries and other necessties from, my next step will be to find activities I can do in my sparetime. Netflix, here I come! 😉

The first two weeks of the program have been just as intense as they have been fun. The school period allows you to get to know your other IBTs very well, throughly learn everything about the business, and also learn about Denmark and Danish culture. Now that I reflect on it, time has passed me by so quickly since I came here! And it’s almost time now for us to leave for Germany on our next trip.

At this moment, my advise for anyone considering applying for this program, in the words of Shia LaBeouf, is to “Just do it!”. Trust the process and be patient with yourself. This program has a lot to teach you-both personally and professionally, and the road to it might be bumpy, but it will teach you so much about yourself and others.


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