My first retail experience – Berlin trip

Working in a store for the first time

As probably many other posts have said, the whole IBT 2018 team went to Germany recently for our first ‘school trip’, and I was sent to Berlin to work in a Vero Moda store.

Initially, this was really daunting to me – as a guy in finance, who has no retail experience whatsoever – to be placed in a store selling women’s clothing, in a country where you don’t speak the language, seemed quite scary.

It wasn’t, though. People were super nice, both staff and customers. The customers were very patient and understanding with me, even though it might have taken a lot longer for me to understand what they were looking for. The staff was great as well, they were so keen on showing us everything – how they approach servicing customers, how they handle new stock, replenish the store, merchandise the store, etc.

The trip really gave me a lot of insight into how the stores work, and I have so much respect for the employees doing ‘the ground work’ in our stores. It is easy to sit in finance and make all sorts of suggestions about how the stores should improve this and that – but in the end, sometimes you don’t realize how difficult it can be for the stores to change things according to your ‘great ideas’.

When we weren’t at work in the stores however, we spent a lot of time enjoying the lovely Berlin… Lots of beer, drinks, good food, good times.

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