Christmas gathering in Brande

Christmas gathering in Brande

As a Dane I wanted to introduce my fellow IBTs to some Danish Christmas tradition and get them into the Danish Christmas vibe. Therefore, I arranged a Christmas gathering which included baking some Christmas cakes and making Christmas decorations. Christmas gathering is something many Danish family do, where they meet up and listing to some Christmas music, bake cakes and just enjoy each other company.


Well that was also what we did. 😊 – I did the shopping, so we could bake 4 different Christmas cakes and then I bought different stuff to make the Christmas decorations. The different Christmas cakes we made were peppernuts (pebernødder), cornflakes crackers (cornflakes knas), Jew cakes (jødekager) and oatmeals balls, (havregrynskugler), which for me are the classic Christmas cakes that gets me in to the right Christmas vibe. 😊 We had a fun night! – some people did the Christmas decorations and other did a bit more of baking – like a real team 😉 I also had brought some Christmas elf and other decorations stuffs from home in Odense, so we really could get the Christmas into our homes here in Brande. Everything went well, EXCEPT that I mixed the ingredients for the peppernuts in the wrong order, which caused that the peppernuts got burn and was not eatable. 😀 – UPSSS! – well that is was happens, but it was still a cosy night where we ended up watching an old Christmas movie – the perfect ending of a Christmas gathering.

For me it is nice to make this cosy atmosphere around my fellow IBT who are here in my home country. Especially during these special times, like Christmas, it is nice to meet up like we are our own little family. – AND as you may know we are trying to extend the family right now, where we are looking for the right candidates for the IBT 2019 batches  – so if you want to become a apart of our family, well NOW is the time! – follow this link and maybe you will be the newest member of my BESTSELLER family. 😊

Have a wonderful Christmas.


Sara Mia.



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