Stationing in Amsterdam

Stationing in Amsterdam

Hi there! In my previous post I promised to write more about Brande. As things change and sometimes things change fast, instead of spending time in Brande I’ve been spending a lot of time in the Netherlands. As I work a lot within omnichannel (online and offline) it made a lot of sense for my department to send me for 2 months to Amsterdam to understand better how our retail and ecommerce works so that we can create solutions that work for both. So instead of Brande this post will be about Amsterdam.

I am actually the first and only one stationed this early on. What is important to understand is that the number, length and location of stationing’s is very much dependent on what fits your learning and tasks and what makes sense for the business. In my case it made sense to send me to the Netherlands when we are opening a new store for NAME IT. It is of course a bit sad to leave the other IBT’s behind, but it is a great learning experience and opportunity to meet people from our other offices.

I have lived one year in the Netherlands before, so coming back here was like coming back home. As I already was familiar with how things work around here, knew the city and our offices my integration to Dutch living was very fast. As a foreigner it is very easy to live in the Netherlands and everyone speaks very good English here. Especially Amsterdam is very international and home for many expats. However, to be able to get most out of the city is to be genuinely interested of Dutch culture and people. Learn couple of phrases in Dutch like Goedemorgen (good morning), fijne dag! (have a nice day),  dank je wel (thank you) and jij ook (you too) and you are already in the way to he Dutch hearts. Amsterdam is very beautiful city and sometimes it feels like in a movie setting when walking along the canals surrounded by the cute Dutch houses. There are bikes everywhere. Lovely restaurants and bars. There is all the time so many things to see and do in this lovely city. I can spend hours just walking around the small streets and canal sites.
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I have met so many nice people in the offices and stores in the Netherlands and I am gaining so much important knowledge about the business but also creating good network and dialogue between offices and teams. Every day I learn so many new things at work and on my free time I discover new culture and city. Stationing’s can be one of the most valuable times in your IBT path in terms of both professional and personal growth. To get the most out my stationing I set myself goals for both growth areas. What are your goals?
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