One typical week in Brande

One typical week in Brande

I am one of the IBT’s who is living together with my fellow colleagues in the city of Brande. I will try to give you a small insight into our life here besides work and that there is actually some variation in different kinds of activities – especially when you are an active person.

When it comes to nightlife, events or concerts that’s definitely something where Brande has some room for improvement, but if you like to be active and outdoors with your friends – then Brande is the place to be!

Let me tell you how a typical week in Brande looks like.


Mondays – Gym IMG_8272

The Brande Fitness Center is only a stone’s throw away from the apartments and has a huge variety in all different kind of sport activities. If weight lifting just doesn’t appeal to you, then there a plenty of other fitness courses you can attend such as TRX, indoor cycling, Tabata, Body Pump, Qigong, Zumba etc. There are also indoor courts for tennis and squash and once a week we meet for a 60 minutes badminton session – which is always lots of fun. After an intensive workout, you can go swimming or relaxing in the sauna. It is open every day and there is no excuse not to go.


Tuesday – Bowling
Brande also has a nice bowling alley, where you can enjoy dinner or getting some drinks while competing against the highest score.


Wednesday – Skating

Just last weekend opened one of Denmark’s biggest indoor skate parks in BRANDE. If you are not into skating, then there is also possibility to borrow rollerblades or scooters. If that’s also not very appealing then you can just come to watch the pro’s from the stands, check out the skate shop or get some food from the noodle bar. It is so much fun and we are definitely looking forward to spend lots of hours here.


Thursday – Rest day

When not working out, bowling or skating there also other things to see and do such as the library, the museum, restaurants or second-hand shops. The library has a small section with English books (or otherwise it is a good opportunity to practice Danish) and there are actually three second hand shops in Brande. At the museum, you have the opportunity to see how a typical farm worked many years ago. Additionally, the museum has a fine collection of garments from the district, as well as old tools and flint axes from the Stone Age. Apart from these cultural activities, we are very much into movie nights, watching handball or soccer matches, going for walks, having dinner together or playing board games.


Friday – Hiking

Brande is surrounded by beautiful nature including heaps of hiking/walking/biking trails that provide the possibility of being outside while discovering Jutland. Danish nature has a lot of different facets to offers and unique places to visit. You can discover for instance the moors of Jutland, small forest lakes or the garden of Little Malund.



IMG_8377Brande is well located, which makes it easy and convenient to travel around on the weekends. By train, it is 15 minutes to Herning, 40 minutes to Vejle and 90 minutes to Aarhus. There is even a direct train to Copenhagen, which takes a bit longer than 3 hours.

Billund, Denmarks second biggest airport, is only 30 mins away and with a bit of luck, you can find very cheap flight tickets to London, Berlin, Athen, Barcelona or Alicante for instance. That creates a great possibility to discover some other places within or outside of Denmark.

But the biggest advantage of being in Brande is that you get to spend so much time with the other IBT’s and you get to know each other very well. It is a very unique experience that you get to share with your friends.

And that’s why Brande is definitely the place to be.


Have a great day,


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