Once upon a time… there was a mysterious little place called Stilling. Close to the city of Aarhus but hidden behind the grea2t Danish highways, you will find… a secret little BESTSELLER office 😉

This office belongs to the two brands VILA and OBJECT and is home to around 200 employees. One of these employees is me, Hanna, International Business Trainee in the Sales Department at VILA.

One of last years’ IBTs, Emma, who was also working at VILA, already wrote a blogpost about commuting from Aarhus to Stilling (which you can find here: so I decided that this blogpost should explain a little more, what this “secret office” looks like.

The first and most important thing about the VILA/ OBJECT office is the location and the view: it is located right beside Stilling Sea and the view strikes again every single morning (attached you can see two pictures… there was a large range of choices, as I feel tempted to take pictures nearly every day…). The office is built on different levels, so there are nice viewpoints everywhere!

VILA and OBJECT are located in each of their side of the building, and furthermore the different departments such as Buying and Design, Sales, Retail, Marketing and E-Commerce are in each of their corner of the building. On the picture with all the desks and screens, you see the Sales Department, in which I am sitting every day, when I am not out travelling. Here each country/ region has their table group and we are working closely together. The building in general is not huge but most of the time we see this as an advantage: contacting another department or going to a colleague is easy and fast.3

There is a fun fact about the office: quite a big part of it is not a permanent construction but instead a temporary building, just like a container. The reason for this is, that the building simply isn’t big enough. But don’t worry, it doesn’t look like a container and the constructi1on process for an additional office building is already started 😉

… this was a short introduction to the little BESTSELLER office in Stilling 😊 And who knows, maybe you will be able to call this secret office your workspace some day as well?

Talk to you again soon!
// Hanna


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