Spring is coming

Spring is coming

Spring is coming! Finally!

After a few cold months filled with darkness and rainy days it seems like the ‘trist’ Danish winter is finally over. I must admit, there are way worse winters out there than the Danish one, but I’m still glad it’s coming to an end. Even though not even the cold winter was able to spoil the daily joy of walking through the cozy small streets to our Aarhus office located right at the beautiful harbor, there is almost no better feeling than being accompanied by sunlight instead. Since the weather cleared up, numerous students have been hanging out, enjoying drinks and taking in every beam of sunlight. Even our favorite coffee and food places finally moved their equipment outside to provide cozy seating possibilities so everyone can enjoy their beverages and snacks in the sun. This city is definitely made for summer! I can’t wait to spend my first one here and I hope you feel the same.

This city has so much in store to look forward to.


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