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This year, Easter break was a spontaneous and very active road trip in northern part of Germany. The plan was to hike, have as many outdoors as possible and explore smaller cities. It was so great to just be in the nature, enjoy the historical attractions, walk along the lakes and canals, and completely recharge.

Lübeck was our first stop. The city is the first in the northern Europe to be named a World Cultural Heritage site. Wismar, the second one, was very charming and historical city with many churches and a beautiful seaport. Late in the evening, we arrived in Schwerin and we could not miss out the city lights, and night walk along the lakes. The day after, we visited the beautiful Schwerin Castle with its gorgeous Alten Garden, which is now the home to the state parliament.

The next one was Rostock. The city was very cute and again many historical buildings. The highlight of the city was the seaside, where is situated the most popular beach of the Baltic sea in Germany, Warnemünde. The area has a busy port and beautiful lighthouses. I have had the best dark beer in my life here!

A piece of my heart I left in Quedlingurg and Wernigerode. I just loved both cities so much. Quedlingurg was the first capital of Germany. Fortunately, the town survived the war undamaged, as a result the entire town was named a UNESCO World Heritage site. The beauty of each building and the atmosphere in those cities is indescribable, so go and explore it!

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Visiting Wernigerode and being so close to the mountains, we did not miss out to hiking trials. Therefore, we allocated all the time needed to hike to the highest pick in the Harz, called Broken. Also known as favorite mountain on local witches. Few pictures with the view from the Harz.

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Thale, another city in the mountain area with many hiking trials available. I would have loved to hike around but due to time availability we were not able to do that. We took the cable car instead and enjoyed the stunning view over the city.

Last stop was Hanover, we enjoyed few couple of beers in a London Tavern relishing childhood memories. The day after, enjoyed a little walk around the central area and drove back home.

Somehow, Germany was never in my list of a trip destination. But after these days it opened an enormous curiosity to explore it all. Wonderful architecture, charming villages, beautiful castles and palaces, and so many countryside landscapes to enjoy.

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