Winter days are not so great because of the lack of sun, but now you will be seeing it a loooot and things are more fun as you can do more things outdoors. Also Eastern is in April so the best advice I can give you is taking some extra days during that Eastern week and TRAVEL!! Take advantage of it to discover new places like I did.

I had two of my best friends from Guatemala come to visit and we did a small Euro Trip where we visited Prague, Milan and Warsaw. There are tons of great cities where to go so you can defiantly find other destinations you have never been to! My favorite from the ones we visited is Warsaw. Poland is such a nice place and very affordable for an IBT hahaha. Drinks and Food is very cheap and getting around is very easy, and if you like Salsa or Latin music then you are also in a city where it’s quite popular, I was quite impressed how good Polish people is at dancing.

Besides the Eastern Holidays, I really encourage you to join different activities in the City for you to develop new friends and make it easier to enjoy your time in Aarhus. Try to go to the different events and parties that occur around the area, this is a good way to make new connections and grow your network. If you are into sports, then my advice is to join a recreational team or a fitness gym, so you meet people with the same interests as you do. Even though a lot is in Danish, don’t let that make you be shy. If you speak to them in English, they will reply to you and be friendly, you won’t be their friend right away but with time you will make new connections.

If you are into reading and poetry, then I would suggest you to go to Løve’s Bog-og Vincafe, it’s a nice cozy place where you can get some good wine and also be able to join different events they have there where you can listen to people share their passion to literacy.

My point is that there are a lot of things to do if you look for it and go expose yourself out there. Getting a bike will make it also a lot easier cause it’s the best way to move around Aarhus!

Vi ses!

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